Super Nintendo Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Super Nintendo against the Sega Genesis is a tough comparison because they are both very good video game consoles that offer a lot for people’s imagination. But when comparing the two there are differences and there are similarities that lead to very high competition. The two biggest similarities are the technology and the difficulty of the games. The one major difference between them is the games.

The first similarity is that The Super Nintendo and the Genesis both came out at around the same time with the Genesis being released in 1989 and Super Nintendo being released in 1991. Because there is only a two year difference in the released dates of the consoles they share similar limitations in technology. For example they can both only play
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For the “Super Nintendo” it is all of the Mario games while the “Sega Genesis” has all of the Sonic games to play. This is because they are runned by different video game companies. The “Super Nintendo” is owned by Nintendo which is the more popular one of the two companies. The “ Sega Genesis” is controlled by the company Sega. Sega today has lost a lot of business therefore they are no longer able to compete by having their own video game console for sale. Out of the two video game consoles they both have their similarities, such as being released around the same time and having similar difficulty for the games. The systems would also have their own games specifically for each console. Because of these similarities and differences between the two, the “Super Nintendo” and “Sega Genesis” has a very competitive past in which the two companies fought for popularity. With the two systems competing head to head only one could come out as the victor Nintendo won the fight because Sega no longer has a video game console to compete with in today’s

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