Superbowl Effect On Society Essay

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Devonte Ferrier Professor Wong Sports in American Society NCAA Tournament / SuperBowl Effect on American Society Sports and games are a piece of human culture. They can be seen as an intense fight for the win. At times during each teams season, week after week teams compete for the the win and for entertainment for the fans to see. There is no doubt these competitors and big games have turned out to be essential to the our society and fans that appreciate watching them. While it may sound like sports are something that is easily written off or something that doesn’t matter to everyone. These sporting events display worldwide have a positive impact on the society. These showcases really positively affect the general public. They help to…show more content…
But the annual spring tournament they compete in represents more than wins and losses on the court.The basketball games gives a window into bigger American socio-social issues. Sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the challenge happens in March and April all through the nation and immerses the wireless technology(phone, laptops etc), web and different types of social media. They share one objective. The objective is to make it to the Final Four however the greatest goal of them all is to win the…show more content…
This course honestly helped me enjoy sports a lot more. From the assignments asking me to view sports events as a sociologist to looking at the history of a sport. I gradually am happy that I took this class. It’s insane how much sports can have an affect on people. Some people live there whole life about this sport and as a sociologist I witnessed it myself. Watching college games was just one part but after games you could see the emotion of the losing team hitting them hard as they fell to their knees trying to figure what they could of done different to help their team win. The tournament is more than just a game for these athletes. I witnessed players breaking down after they lost and there words where things like, “ My brothers and I fought so hard to lose” Not only do sports bring competition but it creates bonds. At the end of the day there 's more to sports than just

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