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AIM Suspended Ceiling Boards Finishing of concrete roof ceilings is easily achieved by installing a Suspended Ceiling. This solution is cost effective and is an affordable way to hide fixtures and wiring to the underside of the slab. The suspended ceiling technique allows for easy access to wiring or plumbing connections in shallow roof spaces. Suspended Ceiling Boards are available in a plain or vinyl clad finish. For enhanced insulation, Thermoclad Suspended Ceiling Boards come with a 25 mm insulation backing.


Suspended Ceiling Boards exhibit the same performance properties as Brandered Ceiling boards and are ideal when used in a suspended ceiling assembly to the underside of concrete slabs, traditional timber construction and lightweight steel frame roofing. Features an economical all-purpose ceiling board, unaffected by moisture and ideal for internal use in almost any conceivable application. Light in weight and can be supported on light gauge metal frames. These factors facilitate easy handling and erection. Non-combustible for perfect protection against fire resistant to corrosion. Designed to have good thermal
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Perhaps one of the main functions of a suspended ceiling in modern times ¡S to improve the appearance of a room. False ceilings can cover up a multitude of sins and give a room a whole new look for a reasonable cost. Suspended ceilings as we now know them were designed to hide all of the wiring, network cables and pipe work that goes with any modern building. So the addition of a false ceiling below the structural ceiling creates a space where the wiring etc can ‘sit’. It also then allows really easy access to all of these services when repairs, changes or inspections need to be carried

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