Sutton Hoo Facts

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Over the course of history there are discoveries so unexpected that even the archaeologists are surprised and Sutton Hoo is among the most important one. In this large burial scientists found long lost artifacts ranging from gold weapons to gold coins dating back to 620 AD. From the researcher’s findings we can determine that the armour found in the ship most likely originated in Sweden and due to this epic burial archaeologists believe the only person who could have been buried down there was a bretwalda. This is a huge historical advancement that could be able to help in the understanding of Anglo-Saxon society. Sutton Hoo is one of the most astounding discoveries due to this reason. Sutton Hoo is an Anglo-Saxon ship burial (or grave field) that is located in the county of Suffolk in England. In 1939 a ship was found by a man named Basil Brown filled with the war gear and treasure of a Heroic Age English king known as a bretwalda. This site in which the ship was found is …show more content…

Scyld is put onto a ship with both his weapons and various items, and then the vessel is sets off to sea. This description is extremely similar to the Sutton Hoo ship which means there is reason to believe that parts of Beowulf were based off of real historical events. Another interesting note is that because of the incoming belief of Christianity, the body might have been buried separately and Sutton Hoo stood as a memorial in honor of all the dead warriors and bretwaldas. Sutton Hoo was discovered on the property of a woman named Mrs. Pretty who originally decided to keep the objects found all for herself. This caused many different problems relating to who would actually be able to keep these newfound artifacts. They finally reached a conclusion that the woman would get it, however;. Mrs. Pretty died a few years after this discovery, which meant that the British Museum would take over the artifacts after her

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