Swot Analysis Of Mujin Restaurant

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In this assignment project I will discuss the business named Mujin Restaurant located in 12 Smith Street Collingwood. Below are the detailed analysis for the marketing plan for Mujin Restaurant. o Determine your marketing strategies, ensuring you:
 Evaluating available marketing opportunities

Mujin Restaurant marketing opportunity 1 - Corporate Marketing:

Business Viability Contribution to Mujin Restaurant
Visit competitor stores and websites, evaluate promotion and sales efforts and observe foot traffic Satisfy individual consumer demands as well as provide services in the long-term interests of the consumer and business

Mujin Restaurant marketing opportunity 2 - Online Promotion:

Business Viability Contribution to Mujin Restaurant
Develop a core group of respondents from which we can easily get the information we seek and find out what our
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Product/market concentration Specialising in family banquet and business function parties
2. Product specialisation Specializing in stir fries and barbecues
3. Market specialisation Develop production of canned food sold at premium prices into specialist food stores whose customers are in the higher income categories
4. Selective specialisation Targeting high income individuals, group order for more than 10 people and business corporate ordering
5. Full market coverage Mujin Restaurant targets all customer bases from retired couples to rich individuals, offering both take away and dining services

 Justifying your marketing strategies

According to the above marketing strategies, Mujin restaurant would like to make adjustment of:

- achieving lower costs of production and distribution than competitors
- creating a very different product line or service so that the business becomes a class leader in the industry
- increase and include more distribution channels
- pursuing cost leadership or product differentiation within a specialist market segment
 Ensuring strategies align with organisation's strategic

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