Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of MR Price Apparel

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SWOT analysis A SWOT analysis is an environmental scanning technique, which is used to examine internal and immediate aspects of a business, in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses but also possible opportunities and threats that a business could face or that a business is facing, but is not yet aware of. A SWOT analysis enables the business to distinguish these factors so that they can develop strategies to deal with the scenarios identified. Issues identified in a SWOT analysis can be controlled and corrects as they are factors in the micro environment of the business. Below is a SWOT analysis of MR Price Apparel. Strengths: Mr Price was established many years ago, meaning that it has been around for a long time making it well…show more content…
Stores are often described to be unorganised and clothing display is a mess. When customers are unable to find the merchandise they are looking for, it can be off putting resulting in loss of sales due to the customers being dissatisfied and annoyed. The lack of organisation in the store can create the perception that any dealings and transactions with MR Price will be unprofessional and unorganised. Due to the low priced goods, their clothing items are often associated with poor quality, which negatively impacts the brand. Also customer service in the stores is poor, many people have complained about staff not assisting when customers need help while searching for clothes or poor service when experiencing a problem with goods purchased. From the Hello Peter website, I identified that customers have frequently complained about staff not dealing with the returning of items adequately. Another issue identified is the false labelling of clothing prices, on Hello Peter’s website there have been numerous reports of people going to the till and their receipt reflects a higher amount than what is reflected on the price…show more content…
There are many stores which are selling clothing of similar fashions, at better quality but higher prices and other stores which sell similar products but at cheaper prices, these factors being more attractive to certain customers. A decrease in the share price of Mr Price is threatening as this negatively impacts Mr Price’s image and customer’s perception of the business as a whole. Also there us very high exchange rates at the moment, making it very expensive for Mr Price to import goods, this is a problem to Mr Price as they import a lot of their stock from other countries, meaning they will have to put a higher mark up on these goods, in order to make up costs. Changes in consumer preference pose a continuous threat to any business, especially with Mr Price Apparel in the clothing industry as fashion also changes. They also need to be aware of international trends changing and its threatening if they

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