Symbolism In Kindred

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B) Throughout the novel, Kindred written by Olivia Butler, there are three major characters, Dana, Rufus and Kevin. With this being said, major characters are given personalities that develop throughout the book and are given a significance. But even so, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other characters with a purpose to the book. One of them being Alice Greenwood. The significance of her to be involved in this novel allows Dana to open her eyes, historically speaking, to another kind of pain that slaves go through, and also to view a new side of Rufus she was unaware of. While Dana was living in the Weylin household as a slave, she witnessed hard labor that slaves barred. She only witnessed the hard work that was put into being a slave and was already disgusted by it. But when she saved Rufus from the beating he took from Isaac, she realized a new form of pain that slaves nor she could stop the white men …show more content…

Doing so allows us as the reader to think and interpret the book, to understand it on not just blindly read it without truly understanding the depths. One of the items that Butler included as symbolism is the map. The map was mentioned as a symbol of freedom. It was mentioned more than once in the book, for two different reasons. The first time it was mentioned in the book, Kevin and Dana were talking about how if she goes back again, she’d need it to escape the Weylin house and to find her way around Maryland. Doing so, it was her escape route, her source of independence. But, Rufus claims that for her “safety” it’s best to burn it so no one sees it. Doing so, he is ripping away her fight for freedom. He even said on page 124, “You’ll be all right here. You’re home.” Saying this gives a superior tone, implying that this is her only shelter that she’ll need and there is no escape. He is in charge of her and she cannot control that at

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