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1. provides a sugar-free
2. provides calorie-reduced choice with a light pink colour and a distinct cherry flavour.
3. Sales of the brand have grown to over 400,000 litres (running the previous 52-week period) and are growing at 560% year over year
4. targeted a certain group of women between the ages of 19 and 34 who are fashion-forward, self-assured, independent, low-maintenance, and authentic.
1. Has not employed direct marketing techniques to reach their customer targets
2. the market leaders in energy fill the needs of two key segments – "Hip Partiers" and "Rebels."
3. Has used a variety of promotional vehicles to target this group.
1. Canada's energy drink market is booming, with sales of $146 million during the previous 52-week period, a 65% increase from the prior year.
2. It focuses on the areas that …show more content…

It needs to modify its product offerings and marketing methods to be competitive, as consumer preferences and trends in the energy drink market can change.
3. Increased regulations and attention to the energy drink sector may impact market growth and the opinion of customers.
1. Tab Energy must rethink its brand positioning and reposition itself to focus on the more female-driven segments, such as "Energize Me" and "Fix Me."
1. The strategic decisions should consider the needs and preferences of the 25–45-year-old female white-collar workers.
2. Other brands should benefit from the growing energy drink market and give Tab Energy opportunities to grow its market share.
3. The right approach must allow Tab Energy to separate itself from competitors and offer a unique selling proposition.
1. Develop an extensive direct marketing plan focusing on 25–45-year-old female office workers. It includes targeted web ads, direct mail campaigns, and customized email marketing to increase awareness, engagement, and loyalty among the target age

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