Tabacco Industry Case Study

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For decades the tabacco industry has used unethical practices in order to sell their product. They have tried to hide information about the health effects that comes with smoking, target vulnerable groups through marketing, and hide the effects it has on the environment. Which is why it is important for society and the environment to keep pushing for a smoke-free world. But living in a smoke-free world is not possible unless we first address the issue of addiction.
Lets create a scenario in which many people can relate to, of Jeff. Jeff is 43 years old and has been addicted to smoking for more than half of his life. Jeff picked up the habit in high school where he was introduced to tabaco by his friends. Jeff didnt think much of it at the time, and he definitly didnt think it would be one of his life’s biggest regrets. Today, Jeff continus to struggle stoping his addiction. He has tried many different alternatives to smoking and has even tried to quit cold turkey a few times, but has remained unsuccesful. Now that Jeff has a child on the way, he needs to find a permenat solution to his problem, in order to be a good father and not expose his child the the hazards that come with smoking.
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Getting treated for mental health issues that might be driving factors to a person’s smoking habits is important as well. The Mental Health Foundation reports that “[n]icotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation” so people think it is reducing their stress and anxiety, when it is actually proven to do the opposite. The Fondation also reports that “[i]n the UK, smoking rates among adults with depression are about twice as high as among adults without depression.

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