Tanesha's Coming Home

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Tanesha lives in Chattanooga, TN where she relocated 12 years ago for a managerial position of a retail store chain. She had moved from Gainesville, GA with her with Richard’s father, Roger, who was her husband at the time. Roger and Tanesha had been high school sweethearts and had married shortly after graduation. They had been happy in Gainesville where they both had friends and family. After moving to Chattanooga their relationship had become more stressed. Roger had difficulty finding consistent work, which forced him to work a series of seasonal, low paying, unfulfilling jobs. Tanesha was being paid well at her new job, but found it very stressful. She often found herself coming home in a foul mood. The couple became prone to arguments, which with time became increasing more intense and bitter. After two years, the situation had changed little. The couple separated, Roger returned to Georgia, and Richard stayed with his mother in Chattanooga. Tanesha and Roger were never able to reconcile, eventually divorcing. Richard remained close with his father, visiting during the summers. …show more content…

After Richard joined the Army, she had gone on a couple dates with friends of friends, but it felt awkward and uncomfortable. Her friends said she just “needed to get her feet wet” but she was unsure if she was “even interested.”
Tanesha’s grandmother and aunt had both suffered breast cancer, causing Tanesha to be vigilant about her health. She has annual physical exams, takes vitamins daily, eats healthfully, and attempts to exercise regularly.
Tanesha reports no past issues with mental health, aside, from some sadness around the time of her divorce. She states that her father may have problems with depression but has been never diagnosed. Her uncle takes an anti-anxiety medication, but she is uncertain of the specifics of his

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