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In the United States and around the world there is an epidemic involving drug addiction. Also, we are facing a growing problem revolving around prison overcrowding, due to inmates that have committed drug related crimes, or offences while under the influence. There is a solution that would help society and lessen overcrowding, and that’s to help those that are committing crimes due to an addiction disorder. By providing treatment for offenders; we can help the growing population, reduce recidivism, and equip them with the skills they need for successful reentry and life of recovery. Substance use disorder …show more content…

TCs are self-help group based residential treatment programs. That through repetition and reinforcement they try to aide addicts in developing a drug free lifestyle. According to Murray (2013), “Drug abuse and crime are seen as reflecting a disorder of the whole person, not just a result of using drugs” (p.1001). By committing oneself to the values and activities of the TC, with its emphasis on work ethic, social productivity, and responsibility to the community. Clients develop better values and the skills they need for successful living. (Evans, Huang, & Hoser 2011 p.522-523) It is also emphasized that TC treatment needs to be of sufficient duration (9 to 12 months) to be maximally effective. With inmates recruited within 12 to 15 months of release. Basically, eligible inmates have the opportunity to go to a TC to serve out the rest of their sentence rather than serve their sentence in its entirety at state or federal prison. Further, a continuum of treatment was found most likely to lead to long term success. There are numerous reasons for offering drug abuse treatment in jails and prisons. Evans, Huang, & Hosler (2011) found the following:
First, sheriffs reported fewer administrative problems with inmates who received some treatment, usually detoxification, while in jail. Second, there was reduction in drug-seeking behavior by the incarcerated population, and third, jails and prisons offer an opportunity to engage the drug-dependent individual in a rehabilitation

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