Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Teaching has always been a dream of mine. I admired the hard working teacher who creates engaging lessons and fosters a positive learning environment, and I know that Monmouth can help me to become that teacher I always admired. The Masters of Education program will help me on the path to become an early childhood educator. I want to become an early childhood educator because of the rewarding outcome, the students ability to learn so much, and the creativity that can be incorporated into the learning. This program would help me to achieve this goal through the flexible and innovative curriculum. Experience in a classroom is unmatchable and this program allows us to gain experience while also learning in the classroom. As educators in this program, we can constantly improve and help our children while learning ourselves. Education truly is the gift that keeps on giving, and this program would guide me through.

As a teacher, the satisfaction of seeing a student learn a new concept is unmatchable. It is so interesting to witness and see students learning. They are amazed by basic …show more content…

They are still learning their environment; and as a teacher, you get to experience it with them. One example is a student that was astonished to realize that her parents had names other than mom and dad. After hearing her say this and asking her friends what their parents' names were, it made me realize how much children have to learn. It also helped me realize how interesting it is teaching such young children. They are so naive but have the ability to learn so much information. You can help students to learn academics; but with young children, social and emotional learning is just as important. I enjoy fostering an environment that helps students to grow. I am studying to become a teacher to help them to learn these new concepts and grow. The rewarding feeling of students learning new material is what I love

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