Teamwork: The Miracle Team

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Have you ever wondered the odds of winning the lottery. They are 1 to 13,983,816. The odds of getting a hole in one in golf are 1 to 12,500. The odds of the 1980 hockey team beating the Soviet Union 1 to 1,000. These are the odds that the USA team had to go against. The team itself, that Herb Brooks put together were college kids from Boston University and University of Minnesota.

Different themes are found in this book. One theme that I found is teamwork which is displayed multiple times throughout the book. Teamwork is how Brooke’s team beat the Soviet Union. “...flying between his right arm and his body, into the left side of the net. Goal!”(Coffey). As a result of Mark Pavelich and John Harrington passing the puck to Mike Eruzione and him scoring the game winning goal, this demonstrates great teamwork. Without teamwork, Miracle would not have happened.

The Miracle team consisted of various players from various cultures. Craig you could say was the backbone of the miracle team throughout the Olympics. But, with teamwork comes sacrifice, and tons of it. Craig made a hand full of sacrifices in order to play in the Olympics. Sacrifices included losing his mother. His mother died weeks before the tryouts. That is one of the biggest sacrifices a twenty year old can make (Coffey). The reason that this is
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I would recommend it to anyone wondering about the 1980’s hockey team. The author, Wayne Coffey, made this book in an interesting way. He told the story of the USA-Soviet Union game and also gave background information on some of the players. It was fascinating to learn about the players’ lives before and after the Olympics and how their lives changed. The most important character in this book is the coach, Herb Brooks. I did not know that he almost made the 1960’s team. The book talked about Brooks’ funeral and how much the team meant to him and his family. This is perhaps the most exciting I have ever
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