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Through the years, technology continuously evolves and change the people’s way of living. One example that technology had changed was the accounting practices of accounting professionals and students. There were a lot of softwares that had been discovered and developed to enhance the efficiency process of accounting. Most of the people think that accounting is complicated but as technology emerge, it presents an opportunity and can be a threat to those who are in this practice. Today, we often see students going to the library, borrowing books, studying it and reading it especially to college students because technology had already provided various tools that is significant to have more accurate and timely information but at the same time it challenges them to adopt and learn new routines that it brought to their accounting field. Therefore, technology in accounting provides effective accounting practices, efficient accounting techniques, and more accurate accounting information. In other words, technology has certainly changed the accounting study over the years. The main purpose of this research is to know the impact of technology to accounting practices of accounting students specifically, its effects on the practices, techniques and…show more content…
This was done in order to collect enough data concerning to the effects of technology to accounting practices. The prepared survey questions of the researchers generally sought answers about the behavior of the accounting students towards the impacts of the developing technology. This study would only give emphasis to the views of these accounting students. Their perceptions can be helpful in determining appropriate information to answer the general and specific research problems of the

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