Technology In The Music Industry

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THE MUSIC INDUSTRY technology and music and how it evolved.

Mark Joshua B. Tan 20150127 August 2015

What is music? Music is an branch of art of how we feel and express it , it is usually sung, rapped and other else.
What is music industry? Music industries are companies that are successful because they produce and merchandise different types of songs.
This organizations are standing strong because it composes few important people in the industry which are: music publishers, producers, recording studios, record labels and many more. By the success of the music industry, it has affected many people, some musicians are performing live or
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This was invented by a man named Thomas Edison, a phonograph is a machine that is able to make sound and play back audio using a thin metal cylinder. ✓ The use of Technology in Music Industry ✓ Before the internet was famous we usually buy albums and big CDs to play our favourite music.The Internet has changed the music industry for the last two decades, making it easier for people who love music, with just a click away we can download/play the music we want but not just the internet helps revolve music industry with the help of technology , radios also count we can hear latest music and also the classics from the radio.

✓ You can create music with technology now, the latest trend today and we all like is the music genre called EDM ✓ its a music composed of beats without lyrics, everyone likes this. this is usually used on parties and big events. recently a performer named Zedd came here to play his
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Music industry has a big problem and its called Piracy, What is piracy? Piracy is the act of robbery or illegally copying someone’s work without their permission and credit it as your own. thats why apple has banned free music in its products, to help the artist get what they deserve and not feel like they have ben cheated. ✓ Today’s technology has evolved a lot. For the music industry, we started with big equipment to play music, from cassette tapes to CD’s to MP3 players. Before phones were used only for calling and sending text. ✓ Now it evolved to be music and video players as well. Music streaming is now the “in” thing and this includes Spotify, Apple Music and online radio stations. Even music playing applications have evolved to take advantage of the speed on internet. Isn’t it amazing that one could watch a live concert happening thousands of miles away in real time through the internet! ✓ Conclusion ✓ Technology took music into another level, it started a revolution that changed everything. Music was made from pure instruments, voice and talent and now we can make our voices look good with the thing called auto-tune in the studio. and musical instruments are not the only source of music theres a thing called launchpad that creates music like a piano but its a small box/pad. Its cool how one thing leads to another and i hope this isn't the end of music

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