Evolution Of The Music Industry Essay

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THE MUSIC INDUSTRY technology and music and how it evolved.

Mark Joshua B. Tan 20150127 August 2015

What is music? Music is an branch of art of how we feel and express it , it is usually sung, rapped and other else.
What is music industry? Music industries are companies that are successful because they produce and merchandise different types of songs.
This organizations are standing strong because it composes few important people in the industry which are: music publishers, producers, recording studios, record labels and many more. By the success of the music industry, it has affected many people, some musicians are performing live or only in media in exchange for money. No doubt, being a musician has become their career and many of them have been …show more content…

Music was made from pure instruments, voice and talent and now we can make our voices look good with the thing called auto-tune in the studio. and musical instruments are not the only source of music theres a thing called launchpad that creates music like a piano but its a small box/pad. Its cool how one thing leads to another and i hope this isn't the end of music evolution. ✓ Reaction ✓ While making this paper i took a ride through history of music and saw how it evolved its truly amazing how far we came. started from the bottom now were here. started from big CDs now we use earphones. from MP3 to smartphones. but me i like classics and i don't want to depend much on the technology even though I'm really close to become a robot, i still use big CDs to listen to classic OPM. with every technology improvement comes another revolution in everything.

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