Technology Should Be Taught In Schools Research Paper

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In the 20th century, children were educated by texts, books, and quotes. Nowadays,

children are being educated by wikipedia, or google, and sometimes even youtube. Children in

America used to be taught how to write in cursive, but now, they are only taught how to write in

print. Technology has made a huge difference in the amount of learning done by children. Many

schools today use ipads, or computers in school, and while it is a fun privilege to have to have

computer time once a day or so, it is a distraction to students to have ipads and computers

because children do not use them for education, as much as they do for playing games on. The

education system for American middle and high schoolers in the past and present has changed

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In the past, education was very different in many ways that today’s students do not

always understand. In America’s history, the things that students were taught to do, were to read

and write. If you could do those two things, you were considered educated. You were taught to

do those things by repeatedly speaking the same things over and over again because whether you

understood the information was not as important as knowing the information. Take today’s math

formula’s for example. Students memorize the formulas and plug in the numbers, but more than

50% of students do not know how to explain what they’re doing when they use a formula for a

math problem. In the 1800’s, children were strictly taught how to write, and read. There did not

used to be a high school, and when one was formed, it was a private school. Nowadays, high

school, middle school, and elementary schools are free of charge, public schools, in which it is

illegal not to be educated, until you are legally an adult. The history of education is important

because it helps students realize that even when there weren’t a ton of electronics and …show more content…

Education in America has changed a lot in the past hundred years. It has changed from

optional to a law. It has changed from reading and writing, to reading, writing, science, and math

(and many other topics). Education has changed a lot, and continues to change today.

In the past, education was not a need to most people. It was a want. Although education

was available, it costed money to attend school, or have a legal education. Nowadays, it is illegal

not to have an education. Middle and High schoolers everywhere are struggling with many

problems in their education lives such as having test taking anxiety, doing drugs or drinking, not

having good teachers, and more. Education is important to many people, but it is also a huge

amount of stress to others. Many high school and middle school students are also troubled in the

area of common skills such as taking care of themselves, because they’re parents have always

done everything for them, which keeps them from being ready for college, and/or the work force.

The education system for American middle and high schoolers in the past and present has

changed due to ineffective practices therefore the lacking 21st century skills are impending

college and career

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