Teen Driving Research Paper

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A Driving Problem
Cruising down the street on a Sunday afternoon creates a joyous feeling for many teens, but the hidden risks in these casual drives amount to a great problem. As a result of past teen driving accidents, many states have started to implement laws restricting teen drivers, even proposing to raise the legal driving age to 18 (New York Times). Such laws should be approved throughout the nation because teen drivers on the road bring far more harm than the benefits brought in from driving. While many movies and advertisements depict teens with their friends in cars, acting cool, racing down streets, and having an exhilarating time, travelling backstage reveals why teens are more susceptible to accidents. According to a National …show more content…

While it’s true getting a driver’s license signifies a large step in one’s life, it is even more important to keep that life safe. Considering the financial cost, it is not worth it to have the age be so low. According to the CDC, teenagers “account for 30% ($19 billion) of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries among males and 28% ($7 billion) of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries among females.” There is no point in spending money for a child to crash a car when they could ride a bike or walk. Even if they don’t crash, a single teen driver added to a couple’s insurance boosts rates by an average 79% (Forbes). Raising the driving age can be beneficial towards a couple’s bank account. By the time the teen is 18, he/she is headed toward college, more knowledgeable about driving, and hopefully has a job that can help pay the cost of insurance. By raising the legal limit, parents do not have to worry about the financial cost anymore but they can still see their children’s step into adulthood by getting a license at a more mature time in their

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