Telehealth Technology: A Case Study

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The advance technologies use in the communications and health care industries are telehealth emerging software utilize for providing patients with direct medical information, monitoring of overall health status, and remote diagnosis and treatment. According to Schwamm, L. H. (2014), Telehealth refers to the use of electronic services to support patient care, education, and monitoring. Telehealth must be integrated into the health care industry practices for positive achievements in areas of safety, effective, timely, and efficient when dealing with patient-centered care. Telehealth technology, health care delivery offer the potential to reform and transform the health care industry by reducing costs and increasing quality and patient satisfaction (p.200).

Technology innovation had increased convenience and improved access to a patient- centered health care system. The ethical implications of using advanced technology involve patients using internet access to share their personal information, and this information can be abused by social network sites. Many …show more content…

The electronic systems assist medical personnel with a collection of data patients’ medical health from the time they visit the hospital and provide an internet based clinical diagnosis. The electronic health records offer medical providers efficient and accurate results. Telehealth software can track a patient medical history and progress of treatment in a hospital. This software also records what medications are given to a patient and collect drug reaction through monitoring any sudden shift or trends in the health of a patient (Schwamm, 2014, p.202). For example, telehealth technology can alert medical personnel to a patient whom blood pressure suddenly becomes elevated from a drug reaction. This information can save patient lives and help prevent chronic

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