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There is no tell-tale sign of who becomes a criminal and who doesn 't. Many things factor into the development of a criminal. The debate between nature vs. nurture in this aspect cannot be blamed on a single element, instead both environment and genetics play a role in criminality of an idividual. The population of American jails has a high rate of individuals with mental disorders. Although, not everyone who has a mental disorder ends up in jail the vast majority of Americans who are incarcerated are likely to have inherited a mental disorder at some point in their life. At some point in American history, genes were said to be the sole reason a person became criminal however, this is not the case today. Psychological disorders do not predict …show more content…

Family members and peers play a significant role in future criminal behavior of a child. A child in an impoverished household is at greater risk in engaging in criminality than their counterparts. Furthermore, families with a weak structure have shown a correlation of higher risk of a child becoming criminal. This goes to show that if a child is brought up in a positive and financially stable environment the risk of a childs involvement in criminal behavior is lessened. Incidentally, children who have a difficult time socializing or become aggressive with other children in early school years are more likely to become criminal in the future. In this sense, influence of peers is easily a tell-tale sign of future criminal behavior. If a child is less involved with their peers and outcasted the likelihood of the child becoming criminal rises. Aditionally, if a child were brought up in either socioeconomic standpoints, child abuse/neglect plays a significant role in future criminality. A study shows that a child who experienced abuse/neglect were at a 50% higher risk to involve themselves in criminal acts. This goes to show that nature vs. nurture are significant factors in criminal behavior. However, this does not prove the heritability of criminality since the actions of a human cannot 100% be accurately

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