Tenacious Tumbler Competition: A Short Story

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Tenacious Tumbler Crack! In my head I can hear the noise of the bone in my leg breaking as my feet slam onto the mat. My gymnastics coach, Ms. Adams, rushes to my side as I clutch my leg in pain. I recall her saying, “Claire are you okay? Just hold on…” That was two weeks ago. “Claire, are you in there?” Hmm? I lose my train of thought as I come back to reality. Standing in front of me, I see the familiar face of my best friend, Tanya Wilson. Startled, I respond, “I’m sorry, what?” “When are you going to start practicing again? You got your cast off three days ago! I am lonely out there without my best friend!” Tanya replies with her arms crossed. “I don’t know, I just don’t think I’m ready. What if I fall again?” I respond. I can hear the noise again and again, crack! Tanya groans in frustration and stomps off, …show more content…

I take it and read, “Tenacious Tumbler Competition: Congratulations Claire Ross! You have been accepted and are allowed to compete in this prestigious competition.” The Tenacious Tumbler competition is our cities’ annual gymnastics competition. The winner becomes the Tenacious Tumbler for that year. “I know you have been preparing for this for a while. I am so glad that your injury healed in time for the competition!” My mom gushes happily as she chops tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. “I don’t know mom. I was thinking that I could, you know, umm… skip the competition this year?” I say, bracing myself for my mother’s reply. “What!” mom shrieks. Her voice softens as she asks, “Why would you want to miss out sweetie?” “Well, I guess I haven’t recovered from when I broke my leg.” Phew! It feels so good to get that off my chest! “Honey,” My mom says, “I can assure you that every gymnast has gotten hurt before. I have seen you at practice, you’re amazing! Do the competition, if not for yourself, then do it for me. Okay?” I hesitate and I feel like hours pass by before I finally respond,

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