Texas Constitution Essay

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In Texas history, there have been some remarkable changes in the way the state was run, on the contrary, there has also been some not so remarkable political changes that play a major roll on Texas as we know it. All the changes made been recorded on to a document known as “The Constitution”. This is a legal document that establishes legal power and limitations to the state, without it there would be no structure nor authority. This document has been a constant debate, a fight for power, and life changer for the citizen of the state. Till this day Little has changed. Throughout time this document has been revised to keep up with the times. Many Texans from the wealthier class have a stronger influence on politics, and making polices for their self-interest. The …show more content…

Making changes on how frequent the legislatures meet, going from every year to biennial. Giving the members of the house a longer term, from one year to two, and giving the senate another year for their term, going from three years to four. The supreme court also was effected by the revised constitution by giving a number of three judges, whereas, before they didn’t have none. The term extended from four years to six and went from being elected to appointed. These weren’t all the changes made, after Texas was annexed into the United States of America, they made sure to possess a large part of their independence. Texas retained all control of the land of the state. The land was abundant and more than what the originally had. This cause and issue that was later resolved by the compromise of 1850. When the United states break up into the confederacy and the union to fight in the civil war, Texas joins the confederacy. This action causes another modification to the Texas constitution. While the south states battled the north states over power of the government and states caused mainly over slavery, Texas stuck to protecting slavery as a lucrative

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