Texas Railroad Commission Research Paper

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1. Texas Railroad Commission The Texas Railroad Commission is made up of 3 elected officers for six-year terms. This Commission regulates the oil and gas industry, as well as gas utilities and pipeline safety. The Texas Railroad Commission no longer regulates railroads. Their powers come from Article 13 in the Texas Constitution. 2. Appointive Powers of Governor The Texas Governor is the chief executive of the state for a four-year term, and can be re-elected. He has the power to appoint the Secretary of State and the head of all state departments and agencies. The governor’s powers also include signing and vetoing laws that the legislative branch would like to pass. The governor of Texas is also able to estimate the total amount of taxation …show more content…

Removal Powers of Governor The governor in the state of Texas does not have any removal powers. The most powerful removal process the governor can do is vetoing a bill from being passed. He can remove an elected official if two-thirds of the state senate agrees upon the removal. 6. Magistrate’s Court The Magistrate’s Court falls under the power and rule of the Municipal Courts of Texas. The Justices of Peace are commonly the magistrate judges in the local municipal courts. These judges are able to issue a search and arrest warrant and can give legal accusations upon the said criminal. 7. Pardoning Power of Governor The Pardoning Power of the Governor of Texas is able to grant forgiveness for a criminal’s actions with the written recommendation from the Board of Pardons and Paroles. If the governor and the board grant clemency, then the person convicted is pardoned complete innocence. 8. Major Bill 9. County Commissioner’s Court In each Texas county is a County Commissioner’s Court with four commissioners and a judge. The commissioners are voted on by the people in one of the four districts in the county. All the commissioners serve four-year terms, including the elected judge. 10. Conference Committee 11. Qualifications to be

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