Texas Socialization

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In the Modern Era There were three main ideological tendencies which were economic liberalism, social conservatism, and overlaid with populism. Have found their expression in a dominant political culture that tends to favor low taxes, low government services, and pro-business policies. These three ideological tendencies should be looked as the foundation of Texas’s political culture.
For most of the modern Texas political history- low taxes and low services approach to government. People that want to raise taxes has always been politically dangerous to candidates and public office holders in Texas. Calling for an increase in the role of government also is not advised in Texas. Any person that is running for government is likely to get less
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Political socialization is the process by which this complex interplay shapes individual social and political identities and value systems. Family are the first and most influential agents of socialization, Although there are other influential agents of socialization that we are exposed to throughout our lives such as friends, school, religion, and political culture. An agent of socialization that affects a huge amount of people is mass media and entertainment, which includes television, radio, music, internet, newspapers and…show more content…
These ideological tendencies are expressed in a dominant political culture that tends to favor low taxes, low government services, and pro-business policies, while at the same time reserving a significant respect (at least in the abstract) for popular control of government.
The American political culture emphasizes the values of liberty, equality, and democracy. Democracy has been rooted into the government since the Texas Constitution.
Elements of the political culture in Texas are one-party state, provincialism, and business dominance. For over 100 years Texas was dominated by the Democratic party. Although this is no longer true to this day. Competition between the two dominant parties has caused tensions and political arguments to occur. Republican party tend to get more votes from suburban/rural areas meanwhile the democratic party received votes from the urban counties located within Texas. The culture of Texas is influenced by the political

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