Texting And Driving Distraction Essay

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A Perilous Distraction The world we live in today is consumed and completely dependent on technology. Because of the fact that advanced technology is right at fingertips, we are given the opportunity to indulge at any moment into man-made imaginary dimensions. The reign of industrial tech lures us into a world created inside our phones with every waking hour, including the times when are in control of a four thousand pound vehicle. Texting while driving is the most dangerous life-threatening distraction a person can experience while on the road and precautions must be made to prevent texting.

Is it possible that someone can safely handle a vehicle while texting? Many people argue that they are perfectly capable of texting while driving because nothing has ever happened while they drive. However, once someone has texted while driving without an incident taking place, they start to casually text more often and eventually come to the incorrect conclusion that they are able to text and drive safely. Unbeknownst to most, texting and driving can become an indecent habit and most will eventually end up justifying it completely inside. Even if nothing tragic happens, the justification internally of this pattern could …show more content…

Also, a staggering eleven people die every day from phone related accidents. It only takes five seconds of looking at your phone to cause an accident on the road, and most likely kill or injure someone. If you are traveling at 55 miles per hour and look at your phone for only five seconds, you are traveling the distance of a football field blindly in that time. It only takes a split second to completely alter the course of your own life or, more horribly, someone else’s life. Your phone can be used as a weapon when pulled out in the car and it could leave both yourself and fellow drivers in anguish and

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