The Age Of Dignity Summary

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“The Age of Dignity” is written by Al-Jen Poo, who is a director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and co-director of the Caring across Generations campaign. The author discusses challenges faced by the elderly in society due to lack of supporting culture. She mentions, “By 2035, 11.5 million Americans will be over the age of eighty-five, more than double today’s 5 million, living longer than ever before.” It is necessary to value the care of old people so that people can age with dignity and security. To support the care of older adults, a culture needs to be built where elderly are respected in the society. The author provides various solutions to transform elderly care such as long-term care insurance and financial incentives to care providers. I found the story of author’s grandfather heart-breaking. Her grandfather was frightened and in pain while he was living in a nursing home. Author regrets that her …show more content…

I believe that the solutions are effective because a lot of people are not able to afford care services for their parents or grandparents although they wish to take care of seniors. Also, some people do not understand the importance of giving attention and listening to elderly’s views. This book parallels with the course objectives of our HSM 220, “Aging in America” class. We learned that aging population is growing rapidly, and there is a need to promote well-being for age-wise citizens in our society. The Age of Dignity book helps us understand the aging process and encourages us to appreciate the multi-disciplinary approach to health of the elderly. Moreover, the discussion in the book includes the social justice and ethical issues associated with care of elderly in the US such as low wage for workers, insecurity among undocumented workers, and lack of financial support for elderly

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