What Are The Causes Of The Road To The American Revolution

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Road to the revolution. Ty aldridge
Paragraph 1 Introduction The american revolution had many events that lead to it ,so let's go through the road to the revolution. The revolution had many events leading up to it the first event was the navigation acts of 1660 the next one was the french and indian war.Then pontiac's rebellion and proclamation of 1763 then the sugar act of 1764.Then the stamp act of 1765,the declaratory act of 1766,the townshend act of 1767.Then the boston massacre of 1770 ,and the boston tea party of 1773.Then finally the Intolerable acts of 1774.All these events angered the colonist more and more ,so let's go into detail of every single one.Starting when the road began during the navigation acts of 1660. Paragraph 2

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