The Narration In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a text that demands and resists interpretation. In this story the problems are the point for give a meaning to this literary work, because this narrative does not have a thesis. Shakespeare is important for western tradition, due to his characters on each of his works. His characters are real people making his stories completely honest and realistic. The story Hamlet, narrates the actions made by the principal character who is the prince of Denmark and has the same name as the story. Hamlet did not know if he was doing and taking the right decisions because his mental health is being destroyed by the circumstances that he is going through in his life. Hamlet started narrating the died of Hamlet’s father, and …show more content…

Now in the story the mental health of hamlet is not the only important aspect to highlight, as well his honor is important and crucial in the tale, due to his deal with his father’s ghost of avenge his death. Polonius is the counsellor of the king who was suspecting about Hamlet plants to kill his uncle Claudius. When hamlet was in his mother’s room for telling her about the true of his father’s death, Polonius was hiding behind the curtains in the queen’s room trying to hear what Hamlet was going to said to his mother. Hamlet suspect that someone was behind the curtains and he took the action of kill the gossip person behind of the curtains with his sword. Hamlet was thinking that his action was correct but his action was a wrong decision, because as a result of this action Polonius daughter, Ophelia has now one more reason for take her life. Hamlet was a great and marvelous son, but know the good Hamlet has almost disappeared in the story. Now with the suicide of Ophelia, the soul of Hamlet is more dark, because he is suffering the mental illness of depression making him to have the possibility of fallow Ophelia in her decision, showing by his phrase “To be, or not to be: that is the question” that is one of the most important

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