The Argument About The Dwindling Deers

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The argument about the dwindling deer population makes incorrect assumptions based on perfunctory findings. Until more information regarding the actual and previous population of the deers, scientific investigation of the cause of these supposed deaths, or the effects of global warming are obtained; the argument fails to make a coherent case to implicate global warming.

The primary assumption that the argument makes are that the reports from the local hunters are accurate. While there is no reason to believe that the hunters purposefully botched the data, this information should be used as a precursor for a more thorough investigation. Although it might be true that the sightings of deers by the local hunters have reduced, there might be variety of reasons for the same. The deers might have found a new refuge or might have become increasingly vary of the hunters themselves. Using the empirical evidence from the hunters to imply that the deer population has definitely declined would be incorrect. The argument would have been more convincing if the …show more content…

A wide variety of causes can lead to the death of the deers. While the melting ice is one of these possibilities more information can be gleaned by performing autopsy on the deers that are found dead. If the deers are being plagued by a virus or a bacteria, the deaths should not be attributed to global warming. While desultory implications on global warming sound probable on a cursory glance, the argument falls apart when considered thoroughly. The argument would have been far more convincing if there was concrete evidence indicating the death of the deer was caused by lack of nutritional resources which in turn was caused by global warming. If sufficient analytics regarding the causes of death in deer are obtained, the actual cause of the death can be

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