The Art Museum Experience

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I’d like to preface by saying why I choose the art museum experience. I had never been to an actual art museum before. I took an online art class my freshman year and found the work to be fascinating. Even the pieces that weren’t my favorite I could see the emotion portrayed in them, but actually getting to experience it in person was truly awe-inspiring. Being able to really see the detail in the brush strokes or the shadows in the contrast was amazing. I took my girlfriend and baby girl with me and we are already planning a second trip.

1. you don’t consider to be art at all (briefly explain why!)
Loincloth- no artist, 1200-1400 made of Cotton
So I choose this Loincloth as what I didn’t consider as art. It was plain white and without detail or embellishment. Some of these selections are hard because even if I don’t love it I can still see the creative ideas that went into making it. 2. Makes you think of your childhood (what memory was sparked?)
Forest of Fontainebleau by: Narcisse Diaz de la Pena, Oil Canvas 1868
I feel like art can be easily underappreciated, this painting evokes such a strong memory for me from my childhood. We had a large farm that was surrounded by trees and I use to go exploring them with my brothers. We were young adventures setting off on long journeys that would take us the entire day. Upon entering the woods you could feel the change in the air, the coolness felt so good on
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