The Ax Forgets The Tree Remembers Research

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“The ax forgets, the tree remembers.”

by:Maya Angelou, Even the stars look lonesome,1997

Rape has been present in our world for as long as human beings existed. In fact in 1793 a 17 year old woman named Lanah Sawyer was shoved in a house of prostitution and markedly despoiled, by a admirable fellow. Once in court the attorney said that, once the woman conceded to walk with him she was essentially asking for sexual intercourses. He also mentioned that they should not put the life of a man in a woman’s palm. This Woman’s struggle with rape and pressing charges shows exactly what the women in our neighborhoods, whom have been raped or sexually assaulted go through. Women have a great deal of encumbrance on their shoulders. Most women don’t want people to recall of them as “The girl that got raped”. …show more content…

But what woman in our communities need to know is that they need to talk about it, so they can reach moral peace. These women need help and support, instead the result of their suffering is laughter. I think we can make a difference by having more associations to help woman. There should also be someone going to every school to talk about protecting themselves from rape. Many people think that boys don’t get raped or sexually assaulted, but this is in fact a myth anyone can get molested. Don’t think that men rape women and women rape men because with our world now homosexual rape does occur. but maybe not as often as men on women rape. Next time you get sexually assaulted, take the act and tell someone because you are not alone. Knowing that the ax will never cut down a tree

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