The Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU)

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The Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) is a segment of the FBI that look for criminals that are of high risk. They are a cerial killer unit. To fully know about the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) the units, risks, conditions should all be understood.
The BAU is a group of FBI agents that tend to work on high profile cases. High profile cases would be cases like serial killers, terrorism, arson, and kidnaping. They use profiling which is using behavior characteristics like how they kill and who they kill. The profiling helps them narrow down who they could be looking for.
The BAU is separated into units. There are four units they all handle different types of crimes. Unit one handles the high priority cases that put more than a few people in danger. …show more content…

They encounter very dangerous people that have killed or are willing to kill. They have to walk into a killer's house and search for then and the killer could be behind any corner and shoot them. There are some people that get kidnaped and survive and they have to live with those emotional scars for the rest of their lives. It is extremely hard on children.
The survivors of a kidnapping often develop a type of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When they go back to their homes they have lack of sleep because they have recurring dreams about what has happened to them. They have to go to therapy for many years. Most are never the same after they go through that traumatic experience.
They use an ability called crime analysis. Crime analysis is a law enforcement technique that involves systematic analysis. They use it to find patterns and trends in criminals. When a criminal kills people that all look the same that would be a pattern. If someone kills people that all look alike it usually means someone that looks like that hurt the …show more content…

A surrogate is a someone or something that represents something to someone. Murderers often choose them because they care too much or because they won't the murder to be perfect when they are ready for the person that they want. They often encounter threats when they do they have to analyze it and then figure out how to take care of it with as few as possible people getting hurt. This is hard during hostage situations during

Kirsch 3 them they need to persuade the hostage taker. They need to get them so that they can get a line of fire so they can take them down.
There are lots of serial killers that the BAU have caught. One famous serial killer that they worked the case of was Thomas Holden. He had killed five to six people from the 1920s through the 1950s. Another famous case was the Isaie Beausoleil he kept a low profile which made him hard to catch. He had a disguise of a women. According to he was from canada when he got captured in 1953 he got deported

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