The Best Day In My Life

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January 18th was one of the best days of my life. It was the day that I decided to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was the day that I decided to change and become that person that my Heavenly Father wanted me to be. It was the time where I would be facing the real test of opposition in my life and worldly life. As the months went by, things turned out to be great! I had the opportunity to serve in The Church and in my community but as the year came to an end, my year mark as a member of The Lord 's Church drew closer. I was getting worried because I was always told by my leaders that I should think of the opportunity that I had to serve a mission. It wasn 't something that I ever thought of doing because I always felt like I wouldn 't be able to stay away from my family for so long, worrying about who would take care of them, or whether something would happen to them while I was away, or if I would ever see them again.…show more content…
Of all the advice they gave me, what really made me think was when they said, ' 'Remember Shannon, you have that freedom to choose to go out and serve a mission". I decided to pray about it and ask The Lord for His help. I didn 't get an answer right away, but I never stopped praying for one. It wasn 't until December 15th that I received my answer. I had the strongest impression that I should serve a mission, and that everything with my family was going to be okay. Trusting in The Lord 's promise that He was going to take care of us, I started my mission papers. By the end of December, I had

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