The Black Legend: The Stereotypes Of Spanish

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The Black Legend is an idea that focuses on the alleged cruel behaviors that Spanish showed towards natives during colonial times. This propaganda was made up by foreign publicists in the 16th century and has continued to be believed. This created an image for Spanish during the colonial times as being uniquely cruel so they could take the americas. This legend gives a type of stereotype to Spanish as cruel and bigoted people because of their actions during the age of conquest. The quote, said by Charles Gibson, shows his view about the Black Legend. The first sentence immediately shows his interpretation of the legend is that it was indeed truthful, even if it was an extreme perception how those times were. From the first sentence, we can guess that he has researched the legend a good deal and can tell us why the legend should be viewed as not being completely wrong.…show more content…
There are many records of spanish conquistadors not letting the indians get in the way of taking over the land. Then, in the third sentence, he continues to discuss why the Black Legend has developed, with people being angered by the unfair cruelty the spanish that they don’t necessarily get the full understanding of the Black Legend propaganda. Furthermore, I think by what he means by it “flourishes in an atmosphere of indignation” is that the idea was thought up by people who were anti-Hispanic prejudice and wanted to give name to the way Spaniards were so
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