The Bridging Culture Project Chapter Summary

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Carrie Rothstein wrote the book and it mainly entails issues and treasured ideas to do with managing classrooms. It takes into the deep study the new of thinking about classroom management by advocating that teachers should learn to intermarry cultures with class instruction and more so have the diverse cultures in their mind while carrying out the so-called class management and arrangement. It states that the studying is much affected by culture hence teachers should equip themselves with the various cultures of the students they teach even if not necessarily learning all the dos and don'ts of a given culture. The books urged teachers to learn about the different ways in which culture affects the beliefs about schooling and education in general …show more content…

As a result, the readers of the book benefited a lot from this book since it exposes the professionals who carried out the project as Dr. Patricia M. Greenfield, Ms. Blanca Quiroz, and many others were are notable in their work. Furthermore, it brings out the issue of schools demographics and contexts and, more importantly, help them apply the approach brought in the project on how to deal with classroom organization management. The fascinating thing about this book is the breakdown of the Bridging Culture Project, which assists a lot in understanding the issue of classroom management. Next time I happen to teach in a classroom, I will be very carefully about the class organization because this is the starting point of success in class and is very true to say that class management is all about creating a friendly environment for continuous learning to take place. I will rightly start by studying every student in my classroom and more specifically his or her culture then proceed to bridge the gap between the culture and the instruction that I give in

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