The Case Of Carolyn Bryant And Abigail Williams

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The abuse of power in court has changed over time but the abuse of dishonest testimony never will. Carolyn Bryant and Abigail Williams are from two very different generations all the while still sharing the same manipulative mindset when giving their testimonies to court. These two women abused their power of voice which resulted in the deaths of someone’s else’s life. Sunday , August 29 , 1995 after 2:00 A.M a group of white men brutally murdered Fourteen year old Emmett Till. He was taken out of his home against his will and beaten to death for being accused of groping and whistling at a white woman by the name of Carolyn Bryant. Emmett was a young black boy from chicago who was visiting his family is money mississippi. One afternoon him …show more content…

She was working at the counter that day , Emmet proceeds to approach her allegedly grabbing her hand and waist in an unfriendly manner. Carolyn then leaves to her truck to get her gun because she felt uncomfortable. She claims he then whistled at her on her way out. Roy Bryant (Carolyn Brants husband) found out about what Emmett did. Roy and his half brother J.W Milman took it upon themselves to Murder the young Emmet Till. This case was soon brought to court where Carolyn delivered the judge false information. She gave her testimony in 1955 claiming Emmet grabbed her by her waist and hand , Propositioned her saying he had been with a “White woman before.” This in fact was not true. In 2008 Timothy Tyson interviewed Bryant Donham raising that trial testimony , His claim was that she told him “That parts not true”. In the book Getting Away With Murder by Chris Crowe it states “It should be noted that after more than sixty years of determined silence about the case , Carolyn …show more content…

Abigail was accused of dancing in the woods , adultery , and witchcraft. She was a former servant for the Proctors household. It was rumored that Abigail had an affair with John proctor and was kicked out of the house by his wife (Elizabeth proctor) when she confronted John about the affair. He soon confessed to adultery with Abigail. When she was accused of the affair in court she denied it to save herself from being punished of adulertay. She shifts the tension of the court being on her by falsely accusing their neighbors of witchcraft in 1692 along with Betty Parris. Abigail used her authority as a child to intimidate them into lying and going along with the story she created. She threatened to accuse them of whitch craft if they didn’t obey her. Williams testified that she saw a ritual outside of the Parris house claiming there were forty witches drinking blood as a part of the ritual. She names Elizabeth Proctor as being present in the ritual. This accusation brung up the affair of when Abigail was working for the proctors. The abuse of informational power was seen used when she denied the affair with John. She tried to confess to dancing in the woods by saying “we did dance , uncle; let you tell them I confessed and I’ll be whipped if I must be. But they’re speaking of witchcraft. Betty’s not witched.” She used this as a cover up for her lies. She told many different stories that soon would not make any

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