The Characteristics Of Drug Addiction

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What is drug Addiction? The drug Addiction is when People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many people try to drag out the curiosity to have a good time or they see their friends do it . This research paper is going to be about drug addiction. When taking drugs, your system moves complexes or disorder, especially by the characteristics: it hurts the brain like a weird feeling of pressure and causes a problem in your brain. It changes your schedule habits and your lifestyle. It changes your behavior and changes your mood Also, it’s just not healthy for you. Although, when you 're addicted to your inhalant heroin,xanax,or vicodin,and the controls you, also craving to the heroin,vicodin,xanax. The drugs come from three different plants and basic things like: Mushrooms and Cannabis). Then a refined (Heroin or Cocaine) or Synthetic (like ecstasy or amphetamine). Drugs starts at UK and made in domestic labs also stolen or sold from chemists or hospitals, pharmacies and imported from overseas therefore, it’s brought to them online. Also, Most drugs get imported to the UK and brought from gangs or those who work or get money perhaps get paid for their time. The Females such as “Mules” who are made with swallowing drugs in condoms to bring on airports.Its a 90% of UK city have heroin, However, there should not be a drug anywhere at all. Drug Addiction is ann experiment with drugs for many different reasons.Many people try drugs out of curiosity to have a good

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