The Cheerleader Effect Analysis

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Hey! I 've been obsessed with How I Met Your Mother since God knows when. Thanks to my brother to gave me the whole copy of the series. I NEVER get bored to watch it for literally a hundred times, even I remember all the dialogues and all the scenes, wow. Beside the bad ending, The series is worth your time because it ' s funny and tearful at the same time. So if you guys watch it too, and hope you do, the film often tells theories that for me really suitable in real life. Except when it comes to Barney Stinson 's theories which is somehow seem unrealistic but still had a point. And these are some of my favorite: The Cheerleader Effect This one is simple: a group of girls or guys always appears hotter than they do when they are by themselves. Explains the appeal of cheerleaders and fraternity members. This one is actually a legit…show more content…
It 's the situation where you’re about to end a time in your life that’s making you unhappy, but as soon as the time comes, you remember all the good things and balk at ending it. Named after how everyone is suddenly so nice and loving at graduation when in reality, you didn’t like or care or even know about half those people. This not only applied to people, also applied to things. for example when you 're about to throw away your useless stuffs. but suddenly it seems to be useful somehow. The Lobster Theory Called the Lobster Situation when Robin only craves lobsters after being told she was allergic to seafood, this theory says we always want what we’re told we can’t have. It describes when you only want that fifth winter coat because you don’t have the money for it, or you only want to kiss that guy who used to have a crush on you because NOW he’s moved on and is dating Becky and you can’t have him anymore. It’s a very real explanation for some of the weirder, more irrational stuff we’ve done. Spoiler Allert Pin on

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