A Very Brief Look At The Colony Of Delaware

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The Colony of Delaware is one of the most complex colonies and my personal favorite. Land in Delaware belonged to many people in many different parts of the world. This colony is very interesting and has many interesting facts. The native people who already lived there, the Explorers who took over and the war that all of that started are some examples of those very interesting things.

The first natives in the area were Indians. They hunted deer,elks, beavers, and foxes for food. They also fished and dug clams and oysters out of the sandy shores. After they dug the shellfish out of the shore they wore the shells for their beauty and value. Because of the great value of them they were traded in far away places. Sadly, the natives who lived there soon vanished and know one knows what happened to them, but thankful another tribe soon became natives to the same area.

The Lenape was the next Indian tribe to adapt and live in that same area. The tribe was very friendly with the neighboring tribes. In their villages of 50-200 people they grew corn squash and beans. But, further than the crops were hunting grounds. The Lenape men hunted …show more content…

In 1655 they attacked Fort Christina and claimed New Sweden. The Dutch made New Sweden part of New Amsterdam which later became New York. Yet another group joins the battle for land! England! As well as the Dutch the English thought they should own land too. So they took action and claimed Delaware Bay. They called it that for Virginia 's governor Lord De La Warr. But , they weren’t done. In 1664 the English told the Dutch to give them their land or else they would attack. The Dutch knew how powerful the English were and knew they didn’t stand a chance. So they gave up the land without a fight. In 1682 England 's Duke of York gave Delaware to William Penn. Penn then made the area part of his colony Pennsylvania and called it the three lower colonies of

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