Three Main Ideas From The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx

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Discuss three main ideas from the Communist Manifesto
Jessica Hughes

The Communist Manifesto was an idea created by a man called Karl Marx. Within this idea he formulated a number of theories and ideas. Marx himself summarised his main ideas into three specific thoughts, 21. He believed that there were only class boundaries as a result of each class being linked to a specific historic phases while during the development of production. 2. He felt that dictatorship of the proletariat was a result of class struggle. And finally 3. The dictatorship created by class struggle established the passover to the destruction of all classes and to the society of these classes” [Karl Marx, letter to J. Weydemeyer, 5th March 1852 in Karl Marx, Frederick Engels Selected Works …show more content…

They stood out though as they fought against the bourgeois to take their property. This was their main feature. The communists of the proletarian class were said to be more advanced than the everyday proletarian. In the eyes of a communist, to be a bourgeois is not just have personal status in production, it is to have social status in production too. It was believed that if the communists won, work would stop completely and there would be a general laziness about the people. There would be no more bourgeois family and the capital would disappear also. To the communists, the bourgeois deserved to be torn apart because they had no family unit no longer. The man of the house saw his wife as a means of production. Her job was to produce children. They felt the Bourgeois took advantage and abused what they had. The communists had no country. When the communists took over and created a dictatorship form of ruling they set up a number of rules which took all ownership from the Bourgeois. For example they made it illegal to own private land and heavily taxed the wealthy.’

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