The Constitution: The Fight Against Tyranny

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Try to imagine life without the Constitution. Without the Constitution we eventually would end up with some form of tyranny. Within the Constitution there are sections to ensure all powers were equally distributed and that no one group or branch has too much power over the other. That section of the Constitution guards against tyranny. Tyranny is when a person or a group of people have absolute power. The idea of the Constitution came when some believed the Articles of Confederation were weak. The Article of Confederation were weak in ways such as weak central government, no money so they could not tax, boundary disputes, states are fighting and arguing and no respect for small nations and states. While framing a new Constitution James Madison was worried that this Constitution, that was meant to guard against tyranny would possibly lead to some form of tyranny. With the careful writing from our founding fathers the Constitution guards against tyranny by using a system of Checks and Balances and the system of Separation of Powers. The first way the Constitution guards against tyranny is the system of Checks and Balances. The Federalist Paper #51 has a quote from James Madison from the year 1788 it says “... the constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices in such a manner as that they may be a check on the other……show more content…
Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution because The Articles of Confederation had too many weaknesses. Our Constitution now guards us from having any sorts of tyranny. The systems we use are Checks and Balances and Separation of powers. Checks and Balances is a system that allows other branches to check on each other to make sure anything they do does not go over their given power. The system of Separation of Powers ensures that our three branches are not being ruled by just one person. These two systems within the Constitution ensure that we will avoid
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