The Correlation Between Pesticides And Prairie Ecosystem

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As a society there is a high dependence upon agriculture. The world depends on agriculture for food and it is a very important part of the economy. In society today agriculture has become more industrialized and cookie cutter in the way that everyone is doing the same thing when growing crops or raising cattle. This is a scary thing because the more society turns towards farming corporately, the more the agricultural industry will become more reliant upon pesticides. One problem with becoming so reliant upon pesticides is that the pesticides runoff into water sources. This runoff of pesticides contaminates the water. Also when a crop is all the same plant that isn’t native to an area there is no biodiversity in that ecosystem. Nature has always been diverse but as a human civilization one tries to make everything the same. This isn’t a healthy way to approach food production and the environment.
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This project will use biomimicry to mimic one of the earth’s natural systems; a prairie ecosystem. Prairie ecosystems maintain soil and water quality in an ecosystem. Prairie ecosystems also maintain a healthy biodiversity in an ecosystem. This project will recreate a small prairie ecosystem that contains buckwheat and prairie ecosystem plants. These plants will maintain the soil and water quality of the ecosystem. The ecosystem’s plants will be plants that are native to Idaho and the conditions of the Treasure Valley. Mimicking nature's patterns that have been done for thousands of years is the answer to the many problems humanity faces

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