Cost Of Happiness In Fahrenheit 451

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Cost of Happiness In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is writing about how certain aspects of life can affect the happiness of the people 's lives. Also, people do not want to have change when it comes to having peace of mind when the people are coming from work or school or whatever the person does during the day. Furthermore, people need to be able to make the decision of getting the knowledge or education that is needed for the purpose of letting other people know that--that human being knows what the person is talking about. Moreover, some people do want to learn but some do not and that is the sad part of have the world goes round because if a person does not want to the availability to understand an ideas that the person does …show more content…

Some people do not understand the knowledge that the person has until the object is taken away from the person. However, when people realize that the object of the happiness of the people--people go and do something about the happiness that the person lost. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury writes, “One two three four five six seven days. And as many times he came out of the house and Clarisse was there somewhere in the world….Every day Clarisse walked him to the corner” (Bradbury 25). The cost of happiness from this quote is that Montag is watching and waiting to talk to Clarisse because she is energetic. Also, when people are able to go and be themselves then that is when other people know how to act around them. However, some people do not know how to act themselves because whenever that person has acted themselves people make fun of them or talk about them behind their back. Nevertheless, when people have the knowledge like Montag finally did when Mildred told him that Clarisse died after four days; then if he would have known before then--then he might not have been watching and waiting for her to appear like she usually did. Also, if someone did not tell another person that the people lived close to had died then some might think that the person that needed to tell people that they did not like them. To end, Montag did not know that Clarisse had died; he was extremely …show more content…

Also, some people might think of the children that person has and how that makes them happy. Although not everyone has a happy memory people can make the memory of the happiness that will give the knowledge of the feeling of being joyful. In the article “Finding joy and inspiration in the pursuit of knowledge” by Eva Emerson writes, “Knowledge is power. Of course, as we learn in every issue, knowledge is not written in stone. It 's a shifty beast, and pursuing it is at least half the fun” (Emerson). Emerson is stating that when the people have the knowledge humans want to know how to keep and continue to learn and grow in education. Also, that other people are not going to make fun of that person because that person does not know how to do the simple goods of a job. Likewise, some people have the ability to the job but might not be equipped with the knowledge of how the job that is being told of that person to do. However, some people just need the extra help to get the job done. To end, some people do not want to have the ability to learn or get the education that will help the people understand what is happening in the world around the

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