The Czarist Regime In Animal Farm

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The people of St. Petersburg did not have enough food. This led to the people of this town rioting and was soon labeled as the "February Revolution." In 1917, the Czarist Regime was the cause of most Russian's losing their faith and religion. About a month later, 90,000 women and men supported and gathered with each other, which led with them swarming the Russian Capitol. In Animal Farm, the pigs overrule everyone and eat all the food they want while the other animals are struggling day by day which led to the animals fighting and rioting with each other. 1917 was the start of the "February Revolution" which was also known as the first start of the Russian Revolution. Soon enough the monarchy of this revolution was reimbursed by the "Provisional Government." That then led to many of the country fantasizing over trasim. By this time, the Russian people have betrayed their trust in the tsars and this was the beginning of a new war. With all the fighting it has helped the economy realize that Russia was not a strong match for the nation anymore. This then led to more fighting which desperately destroyed the economy slowly but surely. …show more content…

Liberal ministers were the start of the first government to join into this revolution. They knew they could not succeed on their own, so they admitted Socialist revolutionary Aleksandr K. Kerensky. None of the government was able to handle the major problems in this country. They included: "peasant land seizures, nationalist independence movements in non-Russian areas, and the collapse of army morale at the front."

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