The Definition Of Servant Leadership In Nursing

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1 Introduction When you hear about the words ‘servant’ and ‘leader’, what would you think about? Many people will come up with the fact those are contrary words. If you draw a hierarchical pyramid in your mind, the servant is placed in the bottom class and the leader is located in the top part on the contrary. However, there is one leadership theory called servant leadership. Then, what is servant leadership about? 1.1 Definition of servant leadership Servant leadership was first proposed in a classic essay called The Servant as Leader by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970. The basic concept of servant leadership is based on ‘to serve first’, as you can definitely find out in the term of servant. Concretely, servant leadership means a servant who listens to others can finally become a leader. A servant leader is the one who has a priority on the other members of an organization to respect and consider. In servant leadership theory, human resources are the most significant property for an organization, so leaders should not try to force or control followers. Leaders should lead followers and help them to improve their personal abilities, so they can perform as best as they can. In other words, servant leaders put focus on serving others, and devote to satisfy workers and customers for the first. 1.2 Servant leaders As every members is important in servant leadership, the leader generally has four fundamental roles to do. The first one is to serve to other people as mentioned
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