The Development Of Friendships In Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese

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Friendships are a learning experience that can make or break people. In the novel, Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese it is evident that their friends help characters. Father Leboutiller helps Saul find his passion for hockey. The Kelly family allow Saul to develop as a person. The Moose hockey team helps Saul develop in hockey. Father Leboutiller, the Kelly’s, and the Moose hockey team all positively help Saul develop positively throughout the story. Father Leboutilier is one of the first relationships that helps Saul find his identity and triggers his journey. At the beginning of the novel, Saul looks at Father Leboutilier as a friend when he always protects Saul when the nuns or teachers get too hard on him, and he saw Father Leboutiller as an ally. Father Leboutilier acts as a mentor for Saul by training …show more content…

Saul notices that they Kelly family treats him well when he saw that they did not try to be his parent, but as a friend and they would always treat Saul kindly by always having their door open for him. Fred Kelly and his family gave Saul several opportunities to further pursue his hockey career by taking him away from St. Jerome’s. Additionally, he is accepted as part of the family by Virgil and Martha. Virgil acts as an older brother figure to Saul and took care of him by watching out for him both inside and outside of hockey. Virgil helps him by teaching him how to handle himself, helping him with his homework and protecting him. Fred and Martha give Saul a loving environment, and they always accept him with open arms. They understand what Saul goes through with their own previous experiences at St. Jerome’s and allows him to find his way. They also attempt to guide him as much as they can. The Kelly family gives Saul an education, opportunities for hockey, support and love that allows Saul to become a better version of

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