The Devil Wears Prada Character Analysis

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The Devil Wears Prada is about a new college graduate aspiring to become a journalist, Andrea (Andy), who is trying to adapt to her first job as the junior personal assistant to Miranda Priestly, the high demanding and cold editor-in-chief of Runway fashion magazine. Andy starts out her job knowing almost nothing about Runway, and of fashion itself. She feels like she doesn’t fit in with her attractive, gossip-obsessed co-workers, and Miranda’s senior assistant, Emily, was always there to remind her of it. Later on, she receives fashion advice from Nigel, the art director and gradually begins to dress herself more stylishly. Andy works harder than ever, trying to prove to Miranda that she wasn’t a disappointment, and she eventually succeeds when Miranda offers to take her to the Paris fashion show instead of Emily. However, Andy knows that Emily has been waiting her whole career to go on this trip, and cannot bring herself to accept the offer. Miranda then threatens Andy that if she does not go, she will lose her job. With no choice, Andy takes the offer. When Andy tells her boyfriend, Nate, that she was going to Paris, he becomes angered at the fact that she became what she once condemned and refused to acknowledge it, and they break up. In Paris, Andy finds out that Nigel given a job opportunity as creative director for a less strict designer, and they celebrate together. At a lunch party the next day however, Andy witnesses Miranda giving the job to someone she rather

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