The Dust Bowl

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People all around the world in every year have to deal with disasters in their homes. Whether it be a death in a family or a natural disaster, people have to overcome problems on a daily basis. It is just within the nature of humans to break down and give up when these disasters come about, and to try to hide from the reality. Then once you face reality, you realize you need to start your life all over again, in some cases this is in foreign place where you know no one. These problems are all too real for those of the current migration issue and the Dust Bowl. The people in Northern Africa and the Middle East are currently dealing with a war. People are trying to flee their homes but have nowhere to go. Flooding the European shores daily …show more content…

The number of obstacles that the immigrants face makes people wonder, is it even worth leaving? The answer is always, “yes”, which makes outsides wonder how bad can it possibly be in their homes to make them want to go this dangerous journey. To get to the their new home, which is any country in Europe, they must cross the Mediterranean Sea where, “More than 2,000 migrants have died [...] trying to reach Europe this year” (Yu-Hsi Lee 1). Crossing the Mediterranean Sea does not end their painful expedition, but it is just the beginning, “migrants are so desperate to reach safety in Europe that they have put their lives in danger. Many have died crossing the sea in poorly made boats and riding on the tops of trains” (Associated Press). The people are putting themselves at major risks because they know the end result will be worth it. Getting out of their home country will lead them and their family for a better future. Furthermore, there are no records considering the amount of deaths from the migrants of the Dust Bowl, because when people died their families did not report the death. The families did not report the deaths because it cost money that they did not have. For the people trying to escape the Dust Bowl, “The trip itself is a painfully slow and dogged test of endurance and patience” (Quinn 1). The expedition for both parties of people tugs at emotions …show more content…

They believe that they can pick up everything, but some have underestimated the challenges that they will face. For those migrating countries like of the current migrant situation the significant problem is the language barrier. It is already hard enough to pick up and move to another country, but now they are unable to communicate to the people around them. Yet refugees are helping each other out and building cities in safer places in Africa, “81,000 people living there [the tent towns built] will not be going back home anytime soon” (Associated Press 1). The people feel comfortable enough to build a city, and work together to continue their expedition in Africa. This very situation coincidentally happened with the migrants of the Dust Bowl, “Roosevelt’s Farm Security Administration built 13 camps, each temporarily housing 300 families in tents” (PBS). While the current situation is not being funded by the Syrian or African government, it is still better than sleeping on the streets of a foreign country in Europe. The commonalities between the situations can also give the people a peace of mind by seeing how the United States has rebounded from this disaster. The United States is currently stepping into the situation across seas helping people rebound from the horrific scene. There are people who are overjoyed by the opportunities that the United

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