Syrian Refugees Research Paper

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By: Maya Heidar
Geography Grade 9
10. 25. 2015



The current civil war involving the Syrians is the largest humanitarian tragedy of our time. Innocent people are dying and more than 11 million Syrians are being moved out of their towns, homes, and their country and sent to other countries to try and stay safe. One main point is that Syrians need our help and we need to spread awareness to people to help the Syrians through this difficult transfer. These millions of Syrians are fleeing to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Germany.

What is the Military Doing?

America and the allies that are with America have two major problems, one is the major civil war that is going on that involves murdering, people losing their homes and family members, and many more and the other one is that the civil war has meticulously ruined the country and has created a large …show more content…

Germany has created a camp to train, arm, and send the men back so that they can fight.

Bring More Syrian Refugees to Canada?

The government should make it so that Syrian refugees are in a special program but don’t need to go through the UNHCR and deal with all the paperwork. This would make life so much easier for refugees and sponsor groups. It worked in the past, why not now?

The wide spread majority of all Syrian Refugees should be brought to Canada from places such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. This will relieve stress and financial stability for these countries.

An initial outreach to businesses are vital; the impermanent foreign worker program for people that don’t have a lot of skill should be sternly condensed, this will release jobs for refugees that will be

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