The Effects Of Sports-Related Concussions

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Recently, researchers in a new study found that the effects of concussion could last for much longer than what scientists had previously guessed. After clinical recovery from concussions, we have seen a lot of athletes who still have reduced blood flow to the brain. Normally, sports-related concussions are judged based on the symptoms and through neurological tests. According to research from the Medical College of Wisconsin, athletes have decreased blood flow in the brain long after they appeared to recover from a brain injury.

Despite these findings, the study did not reveal why blood flow will remain at lower levels after a person has experienced a concussion. The continued physiological effects could suggest that athletes have been cleared too soon for playing after they experienced an injury. If this is the case, it could be leading to higher rates of injuries.

Dr. Michael McCrea, a professor for neurosurgery, stated that this research lets scientists intimately observe the working mechanisms in an injury, and it shows the recovery process of humans rather than animals, which is helpful. What is the ultimate aim at the Medical College of Wisconsin? Their goal is to understand neurobiological recovery during and after an athletes experiences a concussion.

When researchers compared 18 football players with a concussion and 19
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These findings are important because it could determine when a safe time would be for athletes returning to play in games after experiencing a brain injury. It increases the safety for those who participate in sports. Scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin want to continue their research, and they have been so successful that they are the winners of the Health Health Challenge, which is an award from General Electric and the NFL for developing faster and improved methods of treating
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