The Electronic Shield Of Cyberbullying

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The Electronic Shield for Bullying
Once, a sixteen year old boy was cyberbullied over a period of eight hours. It resulted in him having a psychotic break. He had to be in the hospital for a month, and mentally, he was never the same. This is an example of how cyberbullying affects people in a negative way. But there are many other stories like his and far worse. Cyberbullying is the worst category of bullying. First of all, cyberbullying is hard to prohibit. Second, bullies could be stronger through the internet.
To start, cyberbullying is harder to prevent. For authorities, sometimes it is difficult to track down the ‘predators’ as they may be private or anonymous. Another way for them to stay hidden is to use fake recognition and act as someone else. Also, the bullying could be transmitted to large groups, so there could be no way of deleting it after. According to Scott Meech, who educates and writes about technology transforming, “Instead of remaining a private matter or event known by only a small group, text or photographs can be communicated to a large audience in a short time,”(Tech Learning,1). Adults may not have the knowledge of what is going on. Some kids will not tell anyone in order to steer away from more tormenting by the bully. In conclusion, …show more content…

Victims can not easily escape from the internet, so the bullies feel powerful. Now small, not as strong children could be the bully without a face, and could use avatars. When they use fake identities, it helps them feel as if there is no risk to behave as they might, even subconsciously. There is also something called a blind item, which is a message to a group of people threatening and intimidating without saying the name of the person targeted. It can feel like the child is being privately attacked, with no peers or support, advancing the bully’s control. To summarize, bullies could be more fearless through

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